Import Substitute Speed Sensor

Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include import substitute speed sensors magnetic pickups, speed sensor (hall effect) direction sensor and exhaust temperature sensor for cpcb4 diesel engines.

Import Substitute Speed Sensors Magnetic Pickups

₹ 6,850 /Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Type of sensorHall Effect
Operating rangeHigh
Output signalDigital
Model NumberFor Diesel Engines
Supply voltage9 to 32V DC
OutputSine Wave Peak to Peak 48Vpp
Sensing Range0.5 mm Sensing Distance
Housing MaterialStainless Steel
TypeMagnetic Pick-UP OR Speed Sensor

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Twintech develope and manufacture import substitute speed sensor for many OEM's in India

Magnetic pickup speed sensors, also known as magnetic speed sensors or magnetic proximity sensors, are commonly used in various applications to detect the rotational speed of machinery, such as engines, turbines, and conveyor belts. These sensors utilize the principle of magnetic induction to detect the presence of ferrous metal targets, such as gear teeth, bolts, or other metallic components attached to the rotating shaft.


  • Matetial: SS304 non Magnetic 
  • Threading Standard 5/8" 18UNF and 3/4" 16UNF.
  • Customized Size: M12 To M22
  • Water proof Ingress Protection IP67 Tested
  • Vibration Test as per standard IEC60068-2-6:2007
  • Simple installation
  • Terminations: MS3106 connector, aslo customized
  • Output: Single Sine Wave, Square wave


1)Automotive Industry: Magnetic pickup speed sensors are extensively used in automobiles for various purposes such as measuring wheel speed, engine speed (RPM), transmission speed, and vehicle speed.

2) Industrial Machinery: These sensors are used in industrial machinery for monitoring the speed of rotating components such as motors, conveyor belts, turbines, and pumps. They help in maintaining operational efficiency, detecting malfunctions, and ensuring safety.

3) Power Generation: Magnetic pickup speed sensors are employed in power generation equipment like generators and turbines to monitor rotational speed. This information is vital for maintaining stable power output and preventing equipment damage due to excessive speeds.

4) Marine Industry: Magnetic pickup speed sensors find applications in marine engines and propulsion systems for monitoring engine speed, propeller shaft speed, and other critical parameters. They help in optimizing fuel efficiency and ensuring smooth operation of marine vessels.

5) Wind Turbines: Magnetic pickup speed sensors are used in wind turbines to measure the rotational speed of the turbine blades and the generator shaft

Speed Sensor (HALL EFFECT) Direction Sensor

₹ 10,000 /Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Housing MaterialStainless Steel
Voltage24 V
Output TypeDigital
Frequency Range10 KHz

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Twintech design and manufacture Import Substitute Speed Sensor (HALL EFFECT) Direction Sensor for many OEM's in India

Hall Effect sensor : The Hall effect speed sensor and direction sensor are electronic devices that utilize the Hall effect to measure the speed and direction of a moving object or fluid flow. 

For speed sensing, a Hall effect sensor can be placed near a rotating object, such as a gear or shaft, with a magnet attached to it. As the object rotates, the magnetic field causes fluctuations in the voltage output of the Hall effect sensor, which can be measured and correlated with the speed of rotation.

Hall effect sensors are commonly used in various applications such as automotive speedometers, industrial machinery speed control, fluid flow meters, and position sensing in electronic devices. They offer advantages such as high reliability, long lifespan, and resistance to environmental factors like dust and vibration.


Hall effect speed sensors are commonly used in diesel engines for various applications due to their ability to accurately measure the rotational speed of engine components. Some of the key applications of Hall effect speed sensors in diesel engines include:
1) Engine Speed Measurement: Hall effect speed sensors are primarily used to measure the rotational speed of the engine crankshaft. This information is crucial for engine control systems to determine the timing of fuel injection, ignition timing, and other engine management functions.

2) Vehicle Speed Sensing: In addition to measuring engine speed, Hall effect speed sensors can also be utilized for vehicle speed sensing applications in diesel-powered vehicles. These sensors are installed in the transmission or differential to measure the rotational speed of the wheels, which is then used to calculate vehicle speed for applications such as anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and traction control.

3) Diagnostic and Maintenance: Hall effect speed sensors provide valuable data for diagnostic purposes during engine troubleshooting and maintenance.

4) Cruise Control: In modern diesel engines equipped with electronic control systems, Hall effect speed sensors play a crucial role in maintaining a constant vehicle speed during cruise control operation. 

Exhaust Temperature Sensor for CPCB4 Diesel Engines

₹ 6,500 /Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Sensor Connection Wiring2 Wire
Process Connection TypeNipple
Probe MaterialStainless Steel
Probe Diameter8 - 20 mm
Material GradeSS304

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Twintech design develop and manufacture Exhaust temperature sensor for OEM

PT200 Temperature Sensor:  The Exhaust Temperature Sensor PT200 is a type of temperature sensor used in automotive exhaust systems. It is designed to measure the temperature of the exhaust gases as they exit the engine. This sensor plays a crucial role in engine management and emissions control systems by providing data to the engine control unit (ECU) to optimize fuel injection timing and monitor exhaust gas temperatures to ensure compliance with emissions regulations.

Exhaust temperature sensors like the PT200 are essential for modern vehicles equipped with advanced emissions control systems, helping to improve fuel efficiency, reduce harmful emissions, and ensure optimal engine performance.


1) Emissions Monitoring: The PT200 sensor monitors the exhaust gas temperature, which is crucial for assessing the efficiency of the combustion process in diesel engines. High exhaust temperatures can indicate incomplete combustion or inefficient fuel usage, leading to higher emissions of pollutants like nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM). By monitoring these temperatures, the sensor helps ensure compliance with CPCB emissions standards.

2) Diagnostic and Maintenance Purposes: Monitoring exhaust temperatures can also be useful for diagnosing engine malfunctions and planning maintenance schedules. Abnormal temperature readings can indicate issues such as fuel system problems, exhaust leaks, or sensor failures, prompting technicians to investigate further and perform necessary repairs or maintenance tasks to keep the engine running efficiently and in compliance with emissions standards.

3) Marine Engines: In marine applications, exhaust temperature sensors are critical for monitoring the performance of ship engines. By measuring exhaust gas temperatures, ship operators can ensure efficient fuel consumption, comply with emission regulations, and prevent engine damage due to overheating.


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